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  The Master Gardeners of Davidson County's mission is to promote gardening and home horticulture through education, environmental stewardship and volunteerism across Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County.  We maintain five demonstration gardens, host exhibits at local festivals and fairs, provide educational presentations upon request through our Speaker's Bureau, and host several educational programs for both adults and youth - all through the team work of our volunteer membership. 

We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization and are associated with the Agricultural Extension of University of Tennessee, making donations tax deductible. Our certified members are volunteers trained by the Agricultural Extension of University of Tennessee and use their skills in the community, based on that training.

Handling the Holiday Freeze in Your Lawn and Landscape

Over Christmas, there was a severe freeze that caused widespread damage to lawns, gardens, and landscapes across Middle Tennessee. If you have questions about the possible extent of the damage and are concerned about how to assess that damage to your lawn and garden, look no further!

Here is a link to an article produced by the UT Extension Office that covers what happened and what that means for your lawn and garden. Additionally, Volunteer Gardener made a great video available on YouTube that or the video from Volunteer Gardener. 

These sources can provide information on how to check for damage and determine the best course of action for your lawn and garden. It is important to carefully assess the situation and follow any recommended guidelines in order to ensure that you are properly caring for your lawn and garden.

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