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Photo courtesy Jen Zimmerer

  The Master Gardeners of Davidson County's mission is to promote gardening and home horticulture through education, environmental stewardship and volunteerism across Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County.  We maintain five demonstration gardens, host exhibits at local festivals and fairs, provide educational presentations upon request through our Speaker's Bureau, and host several educational programs for both adults and youth - all through the team work of our volunteer membership. 

We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization and are associated with the Agricultural Extension of University of Tennessee, making donations tax deductible. Our certified members are volunteers trained by the Agricultural Extension of University of Tennessee and use their skills in the community, based on that training.


The uninvited guests of every soirée this summer! These buzzing bugs emerge every few years, crashing our picnics with their deafening chorus. But before you grab the bug spray, consider this: cicadas have a fascinating life cycle. They spend most of their time underground, only to emerge as adults to mate and make noise.

Want to learn more about these chirping charmers? Check out this article from the UT Institute of Agriculture for fun facts and survival tips. So, the next time you hear that unmistakable cicada chorus, just remember: it's not a bug, it's a feature of summer!

Photo courtesy Jen Zimmerer

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